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The Liberal Arts in Practice

What does it mean to practice the liberal arts?

At Beloit College, it means digging in. It means integrating knowledge with hands-on experience. It is studying, doing research, reflecting, and intentionally testing and applying what you’ve learned through a range of connected experiences, such as internships, field work, study abroad, special summer programs, entrepreneurial projects, symposia, capstone experiences, and labs-based courses in nearly every discipline. Beloiters who can practice the liberal arts know how to build on what they learn as they confront new challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Beloit’s curriculum requires practice, not only through one course or a requisite internship, but with a set of opportunities that connect knowledge with action at many points. A Beloit education gets a strong start with the Initiatives program, which guides you through your first two years, while courses in the curriculum are designed to give you the skills to write convincingly and reason with evidence, engage broadly in different ways of knowing and understanding the world, and attain in-depth knowledge of your field(s) of choice.

You will own your academic trajectory by selecting academic and co-educational opportunities with the help of a faculty advisor, your mentor and advocate from the day you arrive on campus. Although a Beloit education offers a degree of flexibility, and even the option of a self-designed major, all students are required to complete:

  • A capstone experience 
  • A required “beyond the classroom” liberal arts in practice experience
  • Three writing-intensive courses
  • One quantitative reasoning course
  • A minimum of one intercultural literacy course
  • A breadth of study requirement, which requires a course in each of five “domains,” or areas of knowledge
  • Requirements within their major
  • A minimum of 31 units of earned credit with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.000

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