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Catherine Orr

Catherine Orr

Professor of Critical Identity Studies
Room 205, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Gwen Kelly

Gwendolyn Kelly

Visiting Asst Professor Critical Identity Studies
Room 105, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Jingjing Lou

Jingjing Lou

Associate Professor of Education & Youth Studies
Room 221, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Professor Rachel Ellett

Rachel Ellett

Associate Professor of Political Science
Room 116, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Natalie Gummer

Natalie Dawn Gummer

Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Room 215, Morse-Ingersoll Hall

Heath Massey

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Room 205, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Professor Beatrice L. McKenzie

Beatrice Loftus McKenzie

Professor of History
Room 111, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Pablo Toral

Pablo Toral

Professor of Environmental Studies and International Relations

Lisl Walsh

Associate Professor of Classics
Room 105, World Affairs Center

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