Resources & Opportunities

Professional Exploration

We encourage students to pursue additional internship opportunities offered through Beloit, which have included programming and systems work for a local retail computer firm, payroll programming, database design, operation of mainframes at a local engineering firm, and software conversion.

Most majors share their expertise by working on campus; many work for Beloit’s Information and Technology Services office during the academic year or in the summer as user consultants, research assistants, systems programmers, web developers, or UNIX system, laboratory, or project managers.

Study Abroad

Beloit offers plenty of ways and places to study off-campus - abroad or elsewhere in the U.S. Your computer science advisor can help you find the right opportunities, along with advisors in the Office of International Education.

Computer Teaching Classroom

The computer teaching classroom at Beloit is specially designed to support the types of learning that support computer science classes.

Advanced Computer Lab

Beloit’s Advanced Computer Lab is available to all computer science majors/minors via keycard access. The fully outfitted room includes a data projector with screen for group viewing of code, a whiteboard & blackboard, three high-end computers (Linux, Mac OS & Windows) with 30” monitors placed on semicircular tables to allow group work, four 24” monitors that are used with student’s laptop, laser printer, and rack with computer science magazines. Artwork in the lab i comes from Beloit College students, chosen on a rotating basis by the computer science students in the program.

Tyler Hubb Fund in Computer Science

Tyler Hubb graduated from Beloit College in May 2015 with a major in Computer Science. Not long afterward, Tyler was tragically killed when a car struck the motorcycle he was riding. To honor Tyler’s memory, the family made a donation to the Computer Science Program and asked that it be used for “something extra.”

Tyler grew up near Beloit College and worked at a local factory to help pay for college. His ties to Beloit College began early when he was a Porter Scholar while attending South Beloit High School. His hard work and friendly manner are an inspiration to many at Beloit College. To honor Tyler’s life and what it represented, the department has created the Tyler Hubb Fund in Computer Science. This fund provides money to help computer science students with unexpected needs so they can focus on and continue their studies. This is not a scholarship fund but rather for immediate and unexpected needs such as repairing a laptop, buying necessary materials, and other similar items. The recipient should have financial need and not be able to easily cover such expenses in another way. The money received is a gift but repaying the fund when you can (even after graduation) will help future students.

If you are interested in asking for Tyler Hubb Fund money, you can approach any member of the Computer Science program or the chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. The decision to give money from this fund is made by the department chair.

The Computer Science Program welcomes donations to this fund to continue this important work of supporting our students and honoring Tyler Hubb.

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