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Cognitive Science

Is artificial intelligence possible? What is the nature of the mind, and what kinds of things can think?

Cognitive Science

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What is Cognitive Science?

Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of the mind and thought. We draw on the methods and materials of several other core disciplines including (but not limited to) psychology, philosophy, computer science, neuroscience, biology, and dynamical systems. We ask questions about how the mind works, what sorts of creatures could have minds, and what ethical and social implications follow from various possibilities. Cognitive scientists go on to do many different kinds of work: in industry, in non-profits, and graduate schooling in both cognitive science proper and many of the core disciplines like philosophy and psychology.

Why study Cognitive Science at Beloit?

We offer a number of unique courses at Beloit! See our schedule to discover a course that examines the nature of artificial intelligence from a humanistic and historical perspective, or one that looks closely at human/machine interfaces, questioning bodily boundaries and their implications for disability studies, ethics, and what it means to be human in the face of technological change.

Marlena Fraune’13 headshot

Freeing You from Unrewarding Tasks

Can technology improve the quality of human lives in ways we haven’t yet considered? Learn with psychologist Marlene Fraune’13.


Cognitive Science and Comics

Chair of Cognitive Science Robin Zebrowski has found that Cognitive Science and comics go hand in hand in many ways. Learn why Robin thinks this is the most exciting time to be reading comics.


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