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Student participate in a variety of research experiences on campus. Professors Kristin Labby and George Lisensky with the students that worked with them during the s... Professors Kristin Labby and George Lisensky with the students that worked with them during the summer of 2019.


Sasha Murphy’24 discovered a world of career possibilities in Kristin Labby’s AMP 200 course.

How do I want to Help? Navigating Healthcare Career Options

Doctor, nurse, physical therapist. While often top of mind for college applicants interested in health and medicine, there are in fact many more career options. A new Beloit course helps students both explore and prepare for them.  


Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Beloit faculty and students are contributing to much needed research aimed at fighting antibiotic resistance.

Bailey Dusso’24

Finding a home to pursue pharmacology

Bailey Dusso’24 loves chemistry and being in a lab. She also loves being with people. At Beloit College she’s preparing for a career as a pharmacist to bring her interests together.  

Wright Museum of Art curator Christa Story and chemistry professor Kristin Labby stand next to a painting and an infrared camera

Looking at Art Scientifically

A summer 2021 course for incoming students taught them to analyze paintings using techniques from chemistry, art, and visual studies.

Michael Lafayette ’20 observing in field

Genetic Research on Live Red-Winged Blackbirds

Emeritus professor Ken Yasukawa and Michael Lafayette’20 worked with researchers at the University of Illinois to analyze data from a study of changes in gene expression in Red-winged Blackbirds in response to threats from potential rival blackbirds as well as female cowbirds. The aim was to  better understand the link between genes and animal behavior. 

Alyssa Morris

Summer Science: Alyssa Morris and Kristin Labby

Alyssa and Kristin’s literature research project seeks to compile protocols for pigment syntheses that are suitable for the undergraduate chemistry lab


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