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Learn chemistry by doing what chemists actually do in our hands-on lab work program!


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Develop Great Chemistry

Chemistry majors at Beloit engage in project-based learning starting from the first course and become competent in running research-grade instrumentation. About two thirds of our graduates go to professional or graduate schools (chemistry, biochemistry, law, medical, dental, veterinary, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, engineering); one third go to work in academic, industrial, and government labs.

Learn by doing

Organic Lab Our lab-first curriculum stems from the complete integration of class and lab experiences.

Most classes have paired class and lab sessions taught by the same professor during the same semester. We don’t teach you what to find in class, and then later go ask you to find it in lab. We teach you the skills to ask and answer question.

Along the way, chemistry students learn to collaborate and communicate in small and large diverse groups.

Plenty of support and opportunities

IR operation The chemistry department maintains a suite of research-grade instruments that students use from the first to the last class of their chemistry BS degree.

We offer growth and leadership opportunities outside the classroom through one-on-one faculty-mentored original research opportunities and science outreach events.

American Chemical Society certified

The Beloit College Chemistry Department offers an American Chemical Society (ACS) certified bachelors degree.

Certified by the America Chemical Society since 1949.

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance
Chemistry News

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Beloit faculty and students are contributing to much needed research aimed at fighting antibiotic resistance.


STEM+ Advising Event Spring 2023

Course-based advising for students planning their Fall 2023 course schedules.

Marcos Arroyo’16, left, and Bob Norris’66 met when Norris visited an environmental studies class on campus. Since then, the two have become good friends.

Kindred spirits across five decades

Bob Norris’66 and Marcos Arroyo’16 consider each other close friends, talking for hours on the phone every few months. Although they graduated 50 years apart, these Beloiters have…


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