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Course Catalog

Like with most areas of their education at Beloit, students have options when it comes to degree requirements. A student can choose to adhere to the degree requirements detailed in any one of the following three catalogs: a) the catalog at the time of entrance; b) the catalog at the time of declaration of major; or c) the catalog at the time of graduation.

Note: For the most current course descriptions and degree requirements, see the individual department/program web pages, where changes made since publication of the most recent catalog or supplement will be reflected.

Beloit College 2015-17 Catalog

Beloit College 2013-15 Catalog Supplement

Beloit College 2013-15 Catalog

Beloit College 2011-13 Catalog Supplement

Beloit College 2011-2013 Catalog

Beloit College 2010 Catalog Supplement

Beloit College 2009-2011 Catalog

Beloit College 2008 Catalog Supplement

Beloit College 2007-2009 Catalog