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Biology is not a spectator sport. At Beloit you’ll do more than learn about biology—you’ll do what biologists do.


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Explore the world of biology

Build scientific creativity. Design experiments and answer real-world questions.

Clone a gene. Be the first person in the world to discover and publish its sequence.

Test water quality. Collect water samples from the Rock River Lagoon.

Make kimchee. Discover how well different recipes encourage fermentation.

Program a robot. Compare brains and computers.

Biology students become engaged citizens of the world by applying biological principles and methods to real world problems.

Biology News


If designer and biologist Aaron Nesser’11 has his way, your next pair of tennis shoes won’t last thousands of years in a landfill.


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Learn more about Master’s-level and PhD-level programs in Public Health!

Olivia Ruffins ’20, spent her summer studying threatened bumblebees and the plants they use at the Blandy Experimental Farm in Northern Virginia. (Those glasses helped her see small anatomical structures on the bees that allowed her to differentiate between species)

Studying Threatened Bumblebees in Northern Virginia

Olivia Ruffins ’20, spent her summer studying 5 different bumblebee species to see if the plants that they utilized were different between the threatened and the common species.


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