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Student Work


   Mustafa Quadir’20

Unexpected Interests

Mustafa Quadir’20 discovered a passion for anthropology at Beloit, and with help from faculty, he crafted a way to weave that passion with his research interests and plans to study medicine. He thinks he’ll be a better doctor one day because of his Beloit experiences.

Lucy Abrams showing off the Arava desert.

Learning to Listen and to Act

Anthropology major and dance minor Lucy Abrams (’21) studied abroad at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, located in Southern Israel. During her time abroad, Lucy learned about sustainability and peace-building through the program’s immersive experience in community building and political activism.

Gabrie Simmons

Life after pandemic: Lessons from post-mortality crisis Germans

This summer Gabrie Simmons ’22, biology major and Spanish minor, participated in the Pakula Biomedical Fellowship.  She worked with anthropology professor, Leslie Williams to examine the prevalence of periodontal disease in response to stress caused by the Black Death in Germany.

Shreya Regmi’20

Using anthropology to improve elementary education

Shreya’s anthropology studies combined with firsthand experiences with elementary students, helps her bring anthropological perspectives to the classroom to better serve and understand educational practices.

Katherine Spicer’19

Between empathy and violence

Anthropology major Katherine Spicer’19 studied Russian conflict resolution methods during a summer 2018 research project.

Sophia Hale-Brown’18 sits in the garden of a luxury resort in Northern California.

We are what we eat

Sophia Hale-Brown’18, an anthropology and sociology major, researched how a vegan resort communicated with customers about veganism this summer.


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