Anthropology Course Petition

Courses taken outside of the anthropology department may sometimes substitute for courses taken on campus.

Students may petition the department for exceptions to specific departmental requirements if a course taken outside of the anthropology department fulfills the content or intent of the requirement.


  • Alternative courses are commonly taken during a study abroad or off-campus study term.
  • Because we do not always have prior knowledge of the content or quality of courses outside of our control, we exercise great care in awarding such credit.
  • Approvals are granted only when the requested course exhibits sufficient anthropological content or, in the case of a departmental requirement, meets the intent of the requirement.
  • Documenting these criteria is the responsibility of the student.
  • Credit is only rarely given for 300-level courses.


We recommend that students discuss possible outside courses with their advisors before they enroll in another department or at another institution.

Students are also strongly advised to consult with an appropriate anthropology faculty member soon after the course/program has been completed.

Petition Form

If you have completed a course that you believe would fulfill a departmental requirement, please complete the Anthropology Course Petition form.

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