Finding Lessons In Everything

The Learning Stance

The best education you can possibly get taps in to your potential, interests, passions and talents, wraps it all in relevant knowledge, skills, ideas and experiences, and teaches you how to make it all more valuable than you thought was possible.

That’s Beloit.

  • #11
    First-Year Experience — U.S. News 2023
  • 10:1
    Student-to-faculty ratio
  • 1/3+
    of students choose to double major
  • 40%
    of students study abroad
  • 4,500
    pieces in the Wright Museum of Art’s permanent collection


Perfectly Tailored, Always Relevant

It’s All Connected

Our educational approach to the liberal arts demands that you learn how to learn from pretty much everything—obviously classes and professors, along with relationships, people, communities, events, experiences, ideas, spaces, failures, successes and everything in between that you’ll meet throughout your college journey.

Infinite Agility

Those connections are exceptionally valuable in an ever-changing world that will always reward intellectual and professional agility. You’ll learn and practice skills that transcend majors and minors (you’ll crush those too), and build a body of experience that prepares you for a successful career, regardless of your definition of success. It’s not easy - this type of education is designed to challenge you, because it wouldn’t be worth it if it were easy. 

The Most Interesting People in the Room

We’re not saying a Beloit education will give you intellectual super powers that will keep you perpetually relevant in an ever-changing world, but we’re not not saying that either.

Annual Student Research Symposium

Each year, students have the opportunity to present their research to the community. This year they recorded themselves to present virtually. Here’s a sampling:

Professional experiences right in ‘your own backyard’
Academics News

Professional experiences right in ‘your own backyard’

Students explore the vital relationship between Beloit (the city) and the college.

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