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How can I receive funding for a conference or scholarly project?

Keefer Funds

Keefer funds support professional development activities for both junior and senior faculty members.

Keefer Senior Faculty Grants

Senior faculty (Tenured Associate and Full Professors) members will be invited to submit proposals for Keefer Senior Faculty Grants. This grant is designed to fund sustained research projects with a focus on bringing the research toward public presentation, publication, or as a step toward obtaining external funding. Proposed projects may be completed over a summer, while on sabbatical, and/or throughout the academic year. Grants will be available to fund projects to a maximum of $12,000. Proposed projects may span up to two years, provided the project budget is within the maximum allowed for a single project.

Keefer Junior Faculty Grants

New tenure-track faculty members receive an account that they may use at their discretion for the advancement of their teaching and research agendas. These accounts will be closed at the first semester following the faculty member’s first sabbatical or the beginning of the academic year that follows the faculty member’s tenure at the college, whichever comes later, with any remaining funds reallocated to future tenure-track faculty members.

Professional and Program Development Committee (PPDC)

PPDC assists and promotes faculty research and developments by granting funds for travel and project costs.

Summer Sanger Research Program

The Sanger Summer Research Program focuses on collaboration between faculty and students on a sustained research project, with particular focus on moving that research toward public presentation and/or publication. For more information on the Sanger Summer Research Program please contact Yaffa Grossman.