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Applying for Faculty Positions

Timeline and Review Process for Approval of Tenure-Track Position Proposals

Proposals for tenure-track positions will be considered according to the timeline below:

Preliminary proposals of (up to 1,000 words) due to ASP: September 15, 2015

ASP responds to preliminary proposals, offering feedback and its decision about whether the request merits further consideration in a full proposal: November 2, 2015

Between November and December departments and programs proceeding with a full proposal should meet with Ann Davies and Cecil Youngblood to consider ways in which the position could enrich the college’s learning environment and provide equal education and employment opportunities by actively encouraging applications from members of groups underrepresented in higher education or in the particular discipline.

Full proposals due to ASP: February 1, 2016

ASP communicates its recommendations and rationale to requesting departments/programs:  May 13, 2016.

Complete procedures for proposing a tenure-track position can be found in Chapter VI of the Administrative Policy Manual, “Special Provisions Governing Faculty Employment” (

Departments/programs considering an application are encouraged to consult with the Provost and members of ASP if they have questions about the criteria by which proposals will be evaluated.