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Search Expense Guidelines

Faculty Search Expense Guidelines for Chairs 

The following guidelines are intended to help departments manage the various categories of search expense:

·       Advertising expense (job ads on websites and in print)

·       Search committee expense (travel to professional meetings to interview candidates)

·       Candidate travel (finalists’ travel to campus)

·       Campus visit expense (accommodations and meals during campus visits)

The goal is to ensure that we conduct our searches effectively and successfully while making the best possible use of the college’s resources during the process.

Search Committees

For tenure-track searches: 

 The Administrative Policy Manual states:  “After a search has been approved, an appropriate search committee will be constituted by the Dean of the College in consultation with the department or program involved.  The chair of the department or program will normally be the chair of the search committee . . . All search committees must include as voting members at least one member of the faculty from outside the department or program involved, and at least one student representative . . .”

For non tenure-track searches:

A full search committee as described above need not be constituted for non tenure-track hires.  The chair of the department will consult with the Provost and Dean of the College regarding the appropriate persons to participate in the search.

Advertising expense 

Before a position may be advertised, the Faculty Personnel Requisition Form (the “blue form”) must be signed by all of the following:  the department chair, the Provost andn Dean of the College, the Director of Human Resources, and the President.  When all signatures have been obtained, the chair should contact the Dean’s Office to discuss the optimal placement of job ads.  As a general rule, the college will place ads in the websites and journals where we will realize the greatest return on our (limited) advertising dollars.  The Office of Human Resources will post the ad on the Beloit College website.  The Dean’s Office will be responsible for posting job ads in the other agreed-upon websites and journals.

Search committee expense 

For tenure-track searches: 

  • If the search committee plans to travel to a professional meeting for the purpose of interviewing candidates, the Dean’s Office will fund up to three individuals’ travel expenses (the search committee chair plus two colleagues).
  • Before making travel arrangements, the search committee chair must let the Dean’s Office know which search committee members will be traveling to interview candidates.
  • Please keep dining costs in mind while attending the conference.   While conference attendance is a valuable opportunity to spend time with colleagues, this is also an area where we can reduce our search expenses.
  • Within ten days of their return, search committee members must submit their expense reports to the Dean’s Office.  Expenses that have been charged to Beloit College credit cards must be submitted to the Dean’s Office promptly upon receipt of the credit card statement.

For non-tenure track searches:

  • Travel to a professional meeting for the purpose of interviewing candidates is not appropriate for non-tenure-track searches.

Candidate travel 

For tenure-track searches:

  • The committee may invite three finalists to campus.

For non-tenure-track searches:

  • The department may invite two finalists to campus. 

When finalists have been approved and their campus visit dates have been established, the Dean’s Office will contact the candidates and make their travel arrangements. 

  • As a general rule, candidates will fly into O’Hare Airport and take the Van Galder shuttle to and from South Beloit.
  • Candidates will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket travel expenses they incur (mileage, airport parking, etc.)

Campus Visit Expense 

The Dean’s Office will make the candidates’ lodging arrangements.

  • Candidates will stay at the Beloit Inn.
  • Candidates generally stay in Beloit for two nights:  the night before the campus visit, as well as the night of the campus visit.

While a candidate is on campus, search committees use meals as opportunities for department faculty and interested students to meet with the candidate.  Most of these are informal and inexpensive; for example, breakfast at Bagels & More with a faculty member, or lunch at Commons with interested students. 

As a general rule, the department will entertain each candidate at one formal dinner, which will include all members of the search committee.  This usually occurs on the second night of the candidate’s campus visit, after the job talk.  If the candidate will be in Beloit on the night before the campus visit, the search committee chair and one additional colleague may take the candidate to dinner at an inexpensive restaurant, or entertain the candidate with a reception at a search committee member’s home if they prefer.

After a candidate’s visit, the search committee chair should promptly submit requisitions for entertainment expense to the Dean’s Office for reimbursement.  Itemized receipts are required for substantiation and must include names of attendees.   If a Beloit College credit card is used, expenses must be submitted to the Dean’s Office promptly upon receipt of the credit card statement.