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Conducting Faculty Searches

Complete procedures for conducting faculty searches can be found in Chapter VI, B, 1 of the Administrative Policy Manual, “Special Provisions Governing Faculty Employment” (

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LATE SPRING/ SUMMER Meeting with Departmental Colleagues to develop a diversity plan
Diversity Plan submitted to and approved by Provost Davies
Blue Form and job ad submitted to Provost Davies with appropriate signatures

Meeting with Provost Davies to discuss the composition of search committee and search procedures no later than July 1

     *Committee should consist of:
       department faculty, one outside faculty
       member, and at least one student

SEPTEMBER Dedicated e-mail account created by Human Resources
Job ad posted on College Website by Human Resources
Job ad posted in appropriate locations by Sheila Gustafson
Search committee constituted by Provost Davies no later than September 1
Meeting with full search committee, Provost Davies, Lori Rhead, and Cecil Youngblood to discuss legal requirements and best practices associated with recruiting and hiring new faculty
FOLLOWING APPLICATION DEADLINE Search committee meeting to discuss applications and identify top candidates
Top 8 candidate files to Provost Davies before invitations for campus visits issued
Search committee chair meets with Provost Davies
Written rationale for selection submitted to Provost Davies
Offer extended to candidate by Provost Davies
Verbal acceptance received (Provost’s Office will notify committee chair)
Appointment letter prepared and sent to candidate
Signed appointment letter received
Reference checks to provost’s office file

Close out search expenses

     *Reimbursement of candidates’ expenses
       (i.e. mileage, airport parking, etc.)

     *Reimbursement of search expenses
       (lunches, dinners, etc.)

All search committee members should turn in notes from search to Human Resources
All search materials retained on computers should be deleted
Committee chair and program coordinator contacts other candidates to inform them that the search is closed