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The Academic Affairs division is headed by Provost and Dean of the College Ann Davies, who is joined in that office by two associate deans, professors Charles Westerberg and Matt Tedesco.

Located on the third floor of Middle College, the Office of the Provost & Dean of the College manages faculty development, academic departments and programs, academic advising, and the Initiatives Program.


General Contact
3rd Floor, Middle College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511

Phone: (608) 363-2667
Fax: (608) 363-2717


Ann Davies
Provost and Dean of the College
Edwin F. Wilde Jr. Distinguished Service Professor

Office: 3rd floor, Middle College
Phone: (608) 363-2667

Provost Davies oversees the faculty and academic programs of the college. She is responsible for major/minor departments, the International Education program, the Initiatives Program, the Writing Program, the Registrar's Office, museums, and Government and Foundation Relations.


Yaffa Grossman
Associate Dean of the College
Professor of Biology
Director of Liberal Arts in Practice Center

Office: 703 Emerson St./Science Center 332
Phone: (608) 363-2219

Associate Dean Grossman is responsible for advising oversight and support, Community Based Learning, Career Services, TRIO Programs, Help Yourself Program, Campus and Community Outreach Center, student/faculty research (McNair, Sanger), and CELEB.


Matt Tedesco
Associate Dean of the College
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Office: 3rd floor, Middle College
Phone: (608) 363-2262

Associate Dean Tedesco is responsible for faculty development, summer program development, assessment, and Interdisciplinary Studies.


Sue Swanson
Chair of Natural Sciences
Professor of Geology
Weeks Endowed Chair in Physical and Human Geography

Office: Science Center 434
Phone: (608) 363-2132

Sue Swanson is responsible for science resource budgeting, planning, and coordination.


Sheila Gustafson
Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the College

Office: 3rd floor, Middle College
Phone: (608) 363-2263

Ms. Gustafson is responsible for faculty salary budget, faculty search coordination, ASP support, department accounting, PPDC and Keefer accounting, new faculty support, and Academic Affairs support staff liaison


Erica Daniels
Executive Secretary

Office: 3rd floor, Middle College
Phone: (608) 363-2667

Ms. Daniels is responsible for the front office and phones, Provost Davies' calendar; faculty search coordination, Student Affairs liaison (honors terms, appeals); assessment support; IDST, FS&P, and COA support; Senate administration; committee elections/assignments; event planning; and APM administration.


Provost's Office Organization Chart