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Welcome to Beloit College!

We would like to offer these hints to help you make a successful transition.

  1. If you haven't read them already, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions of Newly Admitted Students on this web site.
  2. Go to the New Student Days web site, read through it and complete all of the relevant forms.  Read all of the mailings sent by the College; return information as indicated.
  3. All students (new and transfer) need to complete the Information Questionnaire for your Academic Advisor (found on the New Student Orientation web site).  Advisors look forward to reading your responses as a way to begin to get to know you.  The better that your advisor gets to know you, the more assistance s/he can be when selecting your courses and developing your goals.
  4. Keep track of and keep organized all information sent to you by Beloit College so that you don't miss any opportunities or deadlines.
  5. Keep a list of the questions for Beloit College faculty and staff so that you can remember the questions when you want to do so.

Again, welcome to Beloit College.  If there is anything that we can do to assist you in your transition to college, just contact the Dean of Students Office (608) 363-2660.