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Vacation Terms


  • No cost/penalty if prior to room cancellation deadline (unless leaves during a term).
  • Student may take 3 consecutive vacation terms (then will be withdrawn by Registrar).
  • There are no disadvantages to taking a vacation term as opposed to withdrawing.

Procedures - The Student must:

  • Meet with a staff member in the Dean of Students office to:
    • Discuss reasons for leaving.
    • Do a "vacation term interview."
    • Obtain a Checklist of Procedures which sends the student to: Accounting, Advisor, Athletics, Faculty, Financial Aid, International Education, Library, Mail Center, Registrar, Residential Life, Work-study employer.
  • Drop courses if leaving during the semester or if pre-registered for the vacation term:
    • Before the drop deadline - with a drop card.
    • After drop deadline – By petition to aPC for WPs or late drops.  Requires support of course faculty, academic advisor, and medical or counseling verification, if appropriate.
  • Inform Residential Life of plan:
    • By Dec. 1st for spring semester; June 15th for fall semester - to avoid charges.
    • Sometimes a few days' extension can be arranged.  (Failure to notify Res. Life by these dates incurs a 20% penalty on room cost).

Returning to Beloit

  • Registrar sends registration instructions via email.
  • Student consults advisor; advisor clears student for registration.
  • Student can either send course selections to Registrar or self-register during on-line registration period.
  • Student contacts Accounting, Financial Aid, and Residential Life Offices.

Student Is Undecided Whether To Return or Leave?

The student:

  • Should pre-register, sign up for a room, submit financial aid forms.
  • Cancel room by Dec. 1st (for spring) or June 15th (for fall) to avoid financial penalties.
  • Decide by the beginning of the semester if s/he doesn't mind paying room penalty.
  • Do an exit interview (see above).
  • Contact the Dean of Students Office if s/he makes decision NOT to return during the vacation, and confirm this in writing.

Reapplying to Beloit after Withdrawing

The student:

  • Must complete a re-application form provided by the Dean of Students Office.
  • Must write a letter explaining circumstances of leaving and returning.
  • Must be readmitted by aPC (probably if student left in good standing).
  • Must pay a $350 reapplication fee if readmitted.