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Field Term


  • Off campus experience.
  • Pre-professional or paraprofessional work.
  • Full-time (generally 32 hours/week or more).
  • Usually includes an academic component (Academic Project).

During The Semester

  • For credit:
    • Usually is for 2 units of internship and 1 - 2 units of Special Project credit.
    • Must be carefully arranged ahead of time with faculty sponsor(s).
    • Costs full tuition rate if full load (3+ units), or per unit rate if reduced load.
    • May receive financial aid if full-time (if student normally is eligible for financial aid).
    • Credit is not given retroactively.

During The Summer

  • For credit:
    • Typically involves 1 unit of internship credit (arranged with faculty sponsor) or a .50 unit internship workshop credit (arranged with LAPC staff).  For more information, see internship information.
    • Special internship tuition rate may apply. Student should consult with Accounting Office staff about current fee information.
    • Credit is not given retroactively.