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Strategies for Figuring out your Major:

  1. Talk to people you trust with your possible ideas:
    • Advisor and other faculty, particularly in departments of interest
    • Staff – particularly in Career Services in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center & Academic Advising
    • Students – particularly in departments of interest to you
    • Parents, relatives and friends
  2. Think about courses and experiences that have interested you.
  3. Work with Career Services to:
    • Go through the Career Exploration Guide
    • Take an on-line self assessment
    • Shadow alumni or other people in an area of interest
    • Sign up for an internship in an area of interest
    • Get occupational information related to different majors
  4. Consider summer research possibilities in an area of interest (see relevant faculty members).
  5. Look at possible majors (in the Catalog or on-line).  Make a list of those that you would consider. 
  6. If you don't see a fit with current Beloit majors, consider a self-designed major. Talk to faculty who would assist you in your endeavor and the the Faculty Director of Academic Advising (x: 2602) about the process.

Myths about Selecting a Major

Myth: "Whatever I decide will affect the rest of my life!" 
Response:  A specific major is not as important as gaining a liberal arts education which will provide you many options for life and career goals.

Myth: "Once I make a decision, I can't change my mind!"
Response: You can change your mind, but after your sophomore year, a change may make it more difficult for you to graduate "on time."  If you change your major, explore options with your new advisor to gain the academic units you need each semester and/or in the summer.