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Credit During the Summer

Students may earn credit in a variety of ways during the summer:

1) Students may earn credit through an internship (see staff in LAPC for details). 

2) Students may conduct independent study, called a "special project".  Students need to complete a Special Project Contract (also available in the Registrar's Office) with an appropriate faculty member.  

3) Students may study language (Chinese, Japanese, Russian) through the Center for Language Studies (CLS).  Some scholarships may be available.  See the CLS web site for details.  

4) Students may enroll in an intensive 3-week Beloit Block course. 

5) Students may take Geol 215: Field Geology (1 unit - offered every other summer for 6 weeks).  Prerequisites: 2 units of geology.

6) Summer Research and Community Programs for Beloit College Students: Sustainability Fellows, Duffy, McNair and Sanger programs.

7) Students may take coursework at other institutions and transfer it to Beloit College.  No more than 15 units (60 semester hrs/90 quarter hrs) of transfer credit may be applied toward the Beloit degree.  Students should get ADVANCE permission from the Registrar and their advisor.  Students should fill out a Request for Transfer Credit Authorization form, also available in the Registrar's Office.  Students who would like to use transfer credits to fulfill major or minor requirements must consult with and receive authorization from the appropriate department/program.  No more than 3 units of distance learning course work (e.g. extension, correspondence, or on-line) will be allowed toward the degree. No more than 2 units of credit may be transferred during the senior year.   

Summer Tuition

For full information about summer tuition and fees, contact the Accounting Office or the Office of Summer Programs.

* Special note: Each student is allowed to enroll for credit in special projects, field terms, or internships.  During a student's tenure as a degree-seeking student at Beloit College, up to 2 such summer experiences, for a total maximum of  2 units, will be billed at a special reduced rate per experience.  Additional such summer experiences or units earned in excess of 2 will be billed at the current summer tuition rate.