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Campus Master Plan

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Master PlanIn the fall of 2003, Beloit College initiated the preparation of a Master Plan for the entire campus. The intent of the Plan is to create a vision for the campus over the next 25 years that will enrich the campus legacy and embody the academic Strategic Plan in the physical campus. Based upon goals established by the College, Civitas, Inc. prepared a Master Plan that assesses the physical attributes of the campus holdings and the core cultural and academic assets of the College. The Plan recommends short and long term steps toward a future in which the physical environment rises to the exceptional quality of the academic and cultural environment. Please refer to the Campus Master Plan Vision for more information on the current Plan.

The initial phases of the Plan were completed in the fall of 2010. A centerpiece project outlined in the plan, construction of the Sanger Center for the Sciences, was completed in 2008. The Sanger Center for the Sciences is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified green building, and features a four-story atrium space built on the former Emerson Street thoroughfare. The street leading up to the Center was reclaimed as a pedestrian plaza and landscaped as directed by the Pedestrian Plazas and Green Streets project. On the site of the nearby Chamberlin Hall, which was dismantled and reused in construction of the new science center, now sits common space featuring a plaza and deck, a council ring, numerous benches, wireless computer access, and a rain garden.

Phase one of the Master Plan was completed in the fall of 2010.