[HIST 225] Renewal and Reform in Early Modern Europe: 1300-1650

This course examines the cultural and religious changes that occurred in Western Europe during the periods known to historians as the “Renaissance” and the “Reformation.” We pay particular attention to the role of the visual arts and the printing press in promoting both religious and secular ideals, to the limited roles that women were able to play in public discourse, and to the upheavals that followed the religious changes brought about by the Protestant Reformation. A recurring question of this class is the tension between continuity and change: Why have historians tended to describe this period as an era of change? How accurate is that view? What aspects of earlier thought and culture stayed the same? How did this “Early Modern” period prepare the way for “Modern” Europe?

Course Title

Renewal and Reform in Early Modern Europe: 1300-1650

Course Code

HIST 225



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Offered alternate years. Open to first-year students.

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