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[HIST 150] Introduction to Historical Thinking

This course introduces students to historical inquiry by exploring particular themes or problems in history rather than providing traditional surveys based on geographical area and chronology. Regardless of the topic, each instructor approaches the issue of historical analysis and interpretation in a comparative social and cultural perspective or across a significant breadth of time. Students are expected to appreciate differing interpretations of the same historical questions and to learn how to distinguish primary and secondary source material. Topics include: Looking East from Medieval Europe; Identity and Religion in Early Modern Europe; The Chinese Almanac and Popular Culture; Memoirs and Travelogues in East Asia; Comparative Slavery in the Atlantic World; Social and Cultural History of the United States; The Workers are Revolting: European Labor History; Nations and Nationalism.

Course Title

Introduction to Historical Thinking

Course Code

HIST 150



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Offered each semester. Topics course.

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