[ENVS 255] Contemporary Art in an Age of Global Warming

What role, if any, can art play in solving current environmental challenges? Is it ethical for artists to make more objects in a world already littered with too many? What would an art based on a true integration of ecological, aesthetic and ethical consciousness look like? This course explores artist-based perspectives on building a more sustainable future–exciting territory where the very purpose and practice of art are being redefined. We examine a range of contemporary art practices and pressing environmental concerns. Through historical and contemporary readings and field trips, we consider artists’ initiatives within the context and history of environmental thought and contemporary art theory. Scientific labs and fieldwork allow us to test the viability and ethics of key artworks. Additionally, the Science Center building serves as a case study of green architecture. A strong interest in art, art history, and/or environmental studies is required.

Course Title

Contemporary Art in an Age of Global Warming

Course Code

ENVS 255



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: sophomore standing.


Also listed as Art History 255.

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