Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Minors

A student may design an interdisciplinary minor that integrates perspectives from several academic disciplines, although the manner in which such integration is accomplished will vary with the minor and may include special projects.

Final approval of these minors rests with the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. The director evaluates proposals for minor concentrations after they have been approved by the faculty member(s) consenting to serve as minor advisor(s). Deadline for application is four weeks before the last day of classes if the application is to be acted on that semester.

A more detailed description of the steps necessary for declaring an interdisciplinary minor is available from the Provost’s Office and on the college’s website.

  1. The proposed minor should have:
    1. A descriptive and appropriate title.
    2. Six units that are explicitly integrated.
    3. At least 2 units from each of 2 different disciplines.
    4. Three units at the 200-level or above.
    5. A rationale (approximately 750 words) that includes an explanation of how each individual course contributes to the minor as well as an articulation of the purpose and ideas or questions that are central to the minor.
  2. A field of study that is more than an extension of the student’s major.
  3. Additional requirements:
    1. No more than two-thirds of the units required for the minor may be taken in one department.
    2. No more than 4 units that count toward the minor may be in progress or completed prior to approval of the minor.
    3. No more than 3 courses from an institution other than Beloit College may count toward the minor.
    4. No more than 2 courses counting toward the minor may also count toward the student’s major.
    5. One or more faculty member(s) must act as the advisor(s) for the minor.

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