[CRIS 221] Women, Race, & Class

This course examines the intersections of race, ethnicity, and class as categories of analysis for understanding both diverse and common experiences of inequalities faced by women in the U.S. The basic objectives of this course are to understand the following: 1.00) economic, political, and historical structures shaping dominant meanings of “Womanhood,” in the U.S.; 2) what it means to be a woman at different social locations of race, ethnicity, class in the U.S., and how these differing social locations shape life experiences and chances; 3) how race, ethnicity, class and gender locations constitute hierarchical relations of power. The course will explore race/ethnicity, gender, and class hierarchies and power in the context of employment/work, families, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, and identity construction.

Course Title

Women, Race, & Class

Course Code

CRIS 221




Prerequisite: Sociology 100 or 150, or consent of instructor.


Offered each year.


Also listed as Sociology 221.

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