Volleyball Team Manager & Statistician

This position starts August 19th and ends November 4th

A motivated student who is flexible, hard working, humble, and loves volleyball is needed to help manage the volleyball team. The duties vary from day to day, but the main things a volleyball managers does are:

1) Help a coach execute drills through ball management (shagging balls, handing balls to coach, throwing balls to players)

2) Take care of equipment like ensuring the balls are fully pumped, nets are set-up, water cooler is up from trainers, gym curtains are down.

3) Evaluate and stat passing & digging, and stat setting, hitting, and blocking performances.

4) Help out with videoing games

5) Help out at Home & Away Games with ball management, equipment, and statistics

Number of Positions Available


Work Available

  • Fall Semester



Posting Date


Closing Date

Until Filled

How To Apply

For more information and to apply please contact: 

Lehua Enomoto


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