[MUSI 200] Investigating Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

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MUSI 200



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Investigating Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

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ow do social lives and musical cultures interrelate, and how have genres emerged over time? In this class, students answer these questions by using rap/hip-hop as a semester-long case study where students develop skills in analyzing genre formation through discussions on regional affiliation, musical influence, and technology. Students learn about the evolution of rap’s international popularity, its splintering sub-genres, and its reshaping of other current genres of music. Social theory and weekly close-listening assignments focused on rap albums from the 1970s to the present are paired to further strengthen students’ understanding of the role musical genre plays in understanding social attitudes and values. “Investigating Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop” is designed for students at any level of musical background: previous experience reading or making music is not required.

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TR 2:35PM-3:50PM

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