[MUSI 200] Music and Beyond

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MUSI 200



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Music and Beyond

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In our continuously shifting multimedia landscape, music frequently requires artists, performers, and audiences to engage with more than just their ears. Through a musical vantage point, this class reaches beyond the traditional boundaries of what can be considered musical in popular, classical, and experimental music to investigate how all our senses contribute to understanding and creating sound. “Music and Beyond” is designed for students who identify with any creative practice (dance, film, music, etc.) and are at any level of musical background: previous experience reading or making music is not required. In this class, rhythm, pitch, and timbre are applied to topics such as the internet, gesture, objects, and text to develop a broad sense of how artists merge and consider these concepts in their creative practices. Students develop skills in closely analyzing music through listening, watching, reading, and discussing to answer questions pertaining to bodies, context, technology, and environment as they relate to music. Throughout the semester, students apply their answers to these questions through short creative projects using their own expressive medium (choreography, visual art, computer coding, compositions, etc.) culminating in a longer final creative project.

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TR 2:35 PM-3:50 PM

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