Matthew Tedesco

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I teach in the Philosophy Department here at Beloit College, with a particular focus on ethics through courses such as Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, and Theories of Law and Justice. Through these courses, I’m affiliated with several interdisciplinary programs at Beloit: Environmental Studies, Heath & Society, and Law & Justice. I see the central questions in ethics–about the choices we make, the lives we live, the world we’re always a part of creating–as the kinds of questions that matter to everyone, and I’m glad that my teaching allows me to have conversations with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of study. I also teach Logic at Beloit, and I believe deeply in the connection between clear, careful reasoning and our ability to communicate well and live together in a flourishing, sustainable community. Generally, I see pretty much everything I do at Beloit as about two things: conversations and connections. I love the conversations I get to have at Beloit–in the classroom, in one-on-one conversations with students, and with my faculty and staff colleagues. And I love the connections I get to make, and also help students to make, along the way. It’s a privilege to have a job where I can help Beloit students find and pursue the futures they want for themselves.

Outside of my work at Beloit College, I’ve been an active, gigging musician in local bands in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois for a number of years, and that keeps me busy some nights and weekends. I also enjoy bowling (and finally bowled a 300 not long ago, after having to grit my teeth and tell people for too long, “no, but I’ve bowled a 299”), and I’m an avid runner. My family and I love to travel, and if you catch me staring into space, chances are I’m imagining possibilities for our next trip.

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