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Ph.D., University of Utah (expected 2021)

M.F.A., Iowa State University

B.S., Boston University

Courses Taught

Creative Nonfiction (Engl 226), Introduction to Journalism (Journ 125), Introduction to Creative Writing (Engl 205), Magazine Feature Writing (Journ 225), Introduction to Literary Studies–Science, “Madness”, and Monsters (Engl 190)

Research Interests

Long-form journalism and creative nonfiction, poetry, creative writing, science communication,
environmental humanities, multimedia storytelling, newswriting, data journalism, writing pedagogies

Elizabeth A. Giorgi

Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Journalism

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2159   Room 209, World Affairs Center

I’m excited to be joining the Beloit College community this year, teaching courses in journalism, creative writing, and literary studies. My main scholarly/creative interests are the intersection of science and the arts, and the ways that science influences the broader culture. I explore these interests in my creative writing, in my research on science communication, and in the classes I teach.

I started my career as a features reporter for a daily newspaper in Pennsylvania, where I covered health and wellness, arts and culture, and human interest topics, writing about everything from roller coasters to training for marathons to the local music scene. Being a journalist is a great career for anyone with a natural curiosity or an interest in social justice: as a journalist, you’re always exploring new topics and ideas, and you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of real people in your community. In my classes, I invite students to experience both of these aspects of journalism for themselves, while also exploring nonfiction storytelling, the role of media in society, and real-world career skills.

Currently, I write and publish (mostly) creative nonfiction and poetry. While I explore many topics and preoccupations in my writing, my most recent creative work has tended to focus on science as a force in modern society and as a metaphor for human experiences like loss, grief, love, and resiliency. I also study science communication, particularly how science is communicated to the public by journalists, and how scientists write and communicate with each other. Through my work, I try to champion science literacy, as well as challenge the view that the humanities and sciences have little to contribute to one another.

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  • Elizabeth Giorgi

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