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PhD in Plant Biology, University of Georgia

BA in Biology, Earlham College

Courses Taught

BIO 121: Botany

BIO 275 Conservation Biology

Research Interests

plant mating systems; pollination ecology; population genetics; evolution


Christopher DA, JD Karron, DW Trapnell, PA Smallwood, WR Semski, RJ Mitchell. 2021. Selfing rates vary with floral display, pollinator visitation and plant density in natural populations of Mimulus ringens. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 34:83-815.
Christopher DA, RJ Mitchell, JD Karron. 2020. Pollination intensity and paternity in flowering plants. Annals of Botany 125:1-9.
Christopher DA, RJ Mitchell, DW Trapnell, PA Smallwood, WR Semski, JD Karron. 2019. Hermaphroditism promotes mate diversity in flowering plants. American Journal of Botany 106:1-6.

Dorothy Christopher

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2121   Room 333, Sanger Center for the Sciences

Dorothy Christopher is an evolutionary ecologist studying plant mating systems and conservation biology. She is interested in how genetic and ecological factors interact to shape patterns of male and female fitness. She also studies how shifts in pollinator communities caused by anthropogenic global change affect plant mating patterns.

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  • Dorothy Christopher, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

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