B.A., Iowa State University, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Courses Taught

Introductory physics, computational physics, senior seminar


  • Drift turbulence, particle transport, and anomalous dissipation at the reconnecting magnetopause, A. Le, W. Daughton, O. Ohia, L.-J. Chen, Y.-H. Liu, S. Wang, W. D. Nystrom, and R. Bird, Physics of Plasmas 25, 062103 (2018)

  • Scaling laws for magnetic reconnection, set by regulation of the electron pressure anisotropy to the firehose threshold, O. Ohia, J. Egedal, V. S. Lukin, W. Daughton, A. Le, Geophysical Research Letters 42, 10549 (2015)

Obioma Ohia

Assistant Professor

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2169   Room 135, Sanger Center for the Sciences

With an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and a graduate degree in physics, Obioma Ohia’s research areas have included plasma physics and computational work; most recently in a postdoctoral position at Los Alamos National Labs. Professor Ohia worked as a graduate student with the Technology Enhanced Active Learning introductory classes, developing a strong interest in STEM education and a commitment to active learning methodology, as well as a desire to investigate the field of physics education research.

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