[FREN 215] Advanced French Language and Ecocriticism

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FREN 215


French Language and Culture

Title Override

Advanced French Language and Ecocriticism

Description Override

This is an advanced language and composition course with a twist: the course focuses on environmental writing, activism, and culture in French and Francophone literature, culture, media, and film. Students revise and perfect grammar and composition through exploring the zero waste movement spearheaded by Zero Waste France and the governmental projects to reduce waste. As students work through media, literature, film, government documents, and public-facing educational projects, they move toward final projects to draft a proposal and create presentations to make Beloit “plus vert” (“more green”). This course covers complex grammar points, oral expression, vocabulary building, and writing for diverse audiences. It particularly emphasizes written expression through structured writing assignments, in order to build confidence in communication skills, productive collaboration, and the ability to address, respond to, and solve local problems.

Open to students with previous experience in French. Students must take an online placement exam. The exam should take less than an hour and requires you to log in using your Beloit username and password. Contact Joseph Derosier (derosierjp@beloit.edu) with any questions.

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MWF 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

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