B.S. Georgia Institute of Technology, M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics, Yale University

Courses Taught

Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Econometrics, Game Theory, Mathematical Economics

Research Interests

His professional interests involve applications of game theory in macroeconomics and in the operations of liberal arts colleges.

Bob Elder

Full Professor, Department Chair

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2285  Office: Room 103, Campbell Hall

Professor Elder joined the faculty in 1989. During the 1994-95 academic year, he held a Fulbright Lectureship at the Krakow Academy of Economics in Poland. Bob spent the 2001-02 academic year in Riga, Latvia, again on a Fulbright Lectureship. He also has taught in the international MBA program at the Helsinki School of Economics. Bob studies methods of compiling rankings when there are multiple dimensions of performance that can be ordered with regard to their relative importance. This ranking methodology is called Dominetrics, and Bob produces Dominetrics rankings of college basketball teams each January, February, and March, posting these rankings on a weekly basis on the Economics Department web site.

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