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Atiera Coleman

Associate Dean of Student Success, Equity and Community

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2617   2nd Floor, Pearsons Hall

Dr. Atiera Coleman uses an asset-based approach to promote equity for all members of the college community through fostering an inclusive campus climate and enhancing the understanding and connections within diverse communities. As the Associate Dean for the office of Student Success, Equity, and Community and the Co-director of the Weissberg Program for Human Rights & Social Justice, Atiera provides students a variety of academic and support services and equity focused programming to empower them to achieve and succeed in an environment that accepts and values everyone, appreciates our common humanity, and understands that our multiple differences are the cornerstone of academic preparation, professional excellence, and distinction.

As a sociologist, Atiera’s work uses mixed-methods approaches to examine current and historical discriminatory practices that impact institutional inequality. Her expertise is based on years of programmatic work within departments of equity and inclusion, research detailing the inequities within education systems, and the retrospective examination of how these practices have impacted the educational experiences of marginalized groups. Her diverse experiences include assessment and evaluation work with non-profits and schools, grant writing and overseeing of federal and NSF grants.

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  • Dr. Atiera Coleman

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