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Topics in Management--Navigating Your [Business] Career - How Things Really Work in Corporate America and What It Means To Your Career

Learn how the concepts you’ve studied and observed in corporate America come to life from a former Fortune 500 C-Suite executive and Beloit economics graduate. Topics include developing and assessing corporate strategies, understanding the importance of acquisitions and licensing, and making sense of how business functions work together. The course combines insights, storytelling, and project simulations to give students a deeper awareness of what ‘a day in the life’ in the business world is truly like, while simultaneously connecting the lessons back to ways students can leverage the learning early in their careers. As in the business world, students may be asked to pivot to take on new projects related to campus activities as they arise.

Course Number

ECON 270 B1


Laszlo, Matt



Course Format


Course Format Description

In person class on campus offered in the Tuesday/Thursday times. Tuesday/Thursday classes will also be online at same time. Online activies MWF.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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