PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder (2004); MA, University of Colorado at Boulder (2001); BA, Hofstra University (1997)

Courses Taught

I regularly teach (among other courses) Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Theories of Law and Justice, Ethical Theory, and Logic.

Research Interests

In ethical theory, my focus is on consequentialism and (more broadly) the demands of morality; in practical ethics, I am especially interested in questions of moral status and personhood (such as when that status is acquired, when it ends, who has it, and what to make of those who do not have it yet).

Matthew Tedesco

Professor of Philosophy

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2146  Office: Room 211, Morse-Ingersoll Hall

I teach a range of ethics classes at Beloit, and I regularly teach Logic as well. As a professor, I see my role as helping students to think more clearly and carefully about the world around them and their place in it. We all walk different paths and give our time and energy to different pursuits, but at the end of the day, most of us want to be able to say that we were good people–that we aimed our efforts in the right directions, and that we made the world a better place. But–as with most things–none of these goals are as simple as they might seem.

Because my teaching reaches across a wide variety of issues and student interests, I am an affiliated faculty member in several of our interdisciplinary programs: Environmental Studies, Health & Society, and Law & Justice. Whether I am teaching or advising students in Philosophy or in any of these interdisciplinary programs, I love the conversations I get to have, and the connections I get to both make and help students make. It’s a privilege to have a job where I can help Beloit students find and pursue the futures they want for themselves.

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