Parkour Club

  • To help bring parkour to Beloit campus
  • To help others get the chance to experience something new and exciting
  • Teach others how to see the world in a creative new light
  • Give an option for a new way to exercise
  • Help people get a better understanding of Parkour and freerunning

Group Type


Membership Requirements

Members can be:

  • member of Beloit college
  • any race
  • any gender orientation
  • any voting stance
  • any background

Members cannot:

  • endanger themselves or others
  • go against campus policy of staff
  • bring a negative or destructive atmosphere
  • bring negative actions back to the group

[OLD] Student Contact Name

Nathan Sill ’23 President

[OLD] Student Contact Email

[OLD] Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Ben Xiong

Page Updated 02/09/2023

Primary Student Contact Name

Nathan Sill’23, President

Primary Student Contact Email

Advisor Name

Ben Xiong

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