[SOCI 218] Race, Self, and Society

This course focuses on analyzing the texts of classic literature– such as Invisible Man– as a way of examining how structures of racism shape the everyday lives of those who occupy a devalued status along racial/ethnic hierarchies. It explores how those at the bottom of racial/ethnic hierarchies make sense of and navigate their lives and how the theme of alienation is an integral element of these experiences. In analyzing the texts, the course draws upon sociology’s theoretical frameworks for examining micro-level interactions and identity construction. This exploration will be placed in the larger structural context of the historical social construction of race in the U.S. Analyzing narratives in these contexts aims to broaden an understanding of the crucial link between notions of self/identity and the broader power structures of society.

Course Title

Race, Self, and Society

Course Code

SOCI 218




Prerequisites: Sociology 100 and sophomore standing.

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