[MUSI 270] Music Theory in Practice

A continuation of MUSI 170 for music students who seek to improve their facility with harmony, notation, score-reading, analysis, arranging, and musicianship skills, this course integrates music theory and musical practice. Students apply techniques from 16th-century counterpoint and tonal harmony through model compositions and original arrangements, ranging from the style of Palestrina to contemporary popular music. Theoretical concepts are exercised through the rigorous practice of musicianship skills, including sight-singing, dictation, and keyboard harmony. Workload includes weekly written assignments and projects in analysis and composing/arranging; regular independent skills practice is essential to prepare for musicianship tests. Students should have some facility with an instrument and/or voice. Prior keyboard experience is not required.

Course Title

Music Theory in Practice

Course Code

MUSI 270



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Music 170, placement test, or permission of instructor.

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