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Daniela Padilla


Chicago, IL



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

I plan to do a triple major in Education and Youth Studies, Physics, and Chemistry to be able to become a high school teacher in the science department.

Fun fact about me

I am an only child, I really like to read books, I like to study a lot especially if it has something to do with math or science, I have a cat and two turtles, i’m looking forward to travel to Argentina at some point in my life, I like to perform in dance and singing even though it has been a really long time since I last did that, and I seem very quiet but I am actually really sociable, I like to talk to people and help people if they need it.

Languages I speak

Spanish, English

Why I chose Beloit

I chose Beloit because I really look for a positive community where the main focus is to look out for each other and help ourselves grow and support each other with what we decide to pursue. I look for a place where the professors are very supportive with their students with what they also decide to pursue and also take the time to get to know them and build a positive friendship with them. I saw all of that and more when I visited Beloit College in my sophomore year of high school. I knew that this would be the right place for me.

Favorite color

I have multiple! Black/Pink/Royal Blue/Mauve

Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Chess Club/Photography Club

Favorite hobbies/sports

Cross Country

My social media

Facebook: Daniela Padilla

Instagram: dani_padilla_03

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