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Sydney Moses


Los Angeles, California, USA



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Creative writing, history, marine biology (probably not as a career or anything, but it was probably the coolest class I took in high school)

Fun fact about me

I have a dog named Bodhi and I love to read. My favorite book, and constant recommendation, is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Languages I speak


Why I chose Beloit

I love the writing opportunities, the beautiful campus, and the welcoming staff and student body!

Favorite color


Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Ceramics club sounds super cool and I would love to work behind the scenes of a play or musical.

Favorite hobbies/sports

Reading, writing, re-watching Friends, baking, knitting, and Lego videos games. As for sports...does quidditch count?

My social media

Instagram: @squidney316

Snapchat: @smoses16yay (I made is when I was a kid, haha)

Twitter: @SydneyGMoses1

Facebook: @sydney.moses.796

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