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Allan Hernandez


San Diego, CA



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Business and Engineering - I plan to start as a company consultant, start my own business (sports management)

Fun fact about me

I can do some dirty spreadsheet work in Excel to find an optimal solution.

Languages I speak

English and Spanish

Why I chose Beloit

I chose Beloit for the small size, variety of majors for a liberal arts college, diverse student population, and the vibrant energy from the faculty and Class of 2025!

Favorite color

Blue or black

Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Any Entrepreneurial clubs/internships, community service/volunteer work, research etc.

Favorite hobbies/sports

Soccer, music, nature walks, running, reading, cooking, swimming, and working out

My social media

Instagram and Snapchat: @a11anhernandez (it’s the #11, not an L) I like to be clever :)

Facebook: Allan Hernandez

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