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Arturo Silva

  • Arturo Silva’25


Janesville, Wisconsin, United States



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Psychology (Intended Major), Sociology (Intended minor), and Environmental science (Additional intended minor).

Fun fact about me

I live for paranormal experiences with friends.

Languages I speak


Why I chose Beloit

I chose Beloit as I desire to learn the wisdom of students and professors. I intend to expand my knowledge in Psychology in order to help people with mental health issues. I also am committed to Beloit to meet new friends and experience Beloit life!

Favorite color


Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Any Environmental Protection/Social Justice club. Any Weightlifting club.

Favorite hobbies/sports

Powerlifting, nature walks, track and field, running (not competitively) and reading mythology books.

My social media

Instagram: Kingx_xsilva
Facebook:_ Arturo J Silva III
Twitter: ArturoS33933723 (sorry twitter chose it for me)

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