No Thorns Here, Why Beloit is Right For Rose

Learn what it is that makes Beloit the perfect fit for Rose Williams ’21.

Rose Williams


Hi Everyone,

Before I tell you how great Beloit is, I’m going to tell you a bit about myself! I am hoping to pursue a career in biomedical research, specifically neuroscience research relating to either sleep or memory disorders. I’ve been passionate about this since my junior year of high school and had grown every day since.

A big part of the Beloit philosophy is a broad education, we are encouraged to reach beyond our major or minor, so I took Religion and Reality with Natalie Gummer. This class was an incredibly eye-opening experience that introduced me to a new way to view the world. As a science driven person, I tend to think in a scientific way but this class made me think more broadly about society and our roles within it. I gained conversational and close reading skills that I can now apply in my field of study.

While every class at Beloit has its challenges, Biometerics has been the hardest class that I have taken while at Beloit. The class has a heavy workload, with four assignments a week and long, difficult tests. I found it hard to keep my motivation going through the semester to work hard but I was able to earn an A- through some combination of luck and hard work.

The small moments that I’ve had with my friends, classmates, and professors are some of my best experiences at Beloit thus far. From eating late night quesadillas at Java Joint, to meeting a new lab partner who somehow removes your anxiety, or making a breakthrough in your research project and celebrating with your professor. I’ll always carry these moments with me as I move through my life and career.

Beloit is truly a place where connections are made. The person I feel I have the deepest connection to is Rachel Bergstrom, one of my favorite professors on campus (though I have many). She has amazing energy that brightens any 8am class and shares her passion for research and teaching with all who will listen.

What do I love about Beloit? There are beautiful spots to enjoy nature at Riverside and Turtle Creek Park where I find solace on particularly stressful days. Even by walking through the community you can appreciate all the lovely old houses and small shops that the City of Beloit has to offer. I choose Beloit for the people, and would choose it again for the same reasons.

I hope to see you on campus,

Rose Williams ’21

September 24, 2019

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