A team effort

61% of students – or 547 individual students – responded to Beloit College’s 20 Questions Survey, an annual collection that lets the college know if students are having the most important experiences while they are here. 

Each year the college asks students to respond to a few questions about their experiences at the college. This “20 Questions Survey” represents the experiences that higher education research shows are the most important things for students to have good outcomes later in life.

This year’s 61% response rate is the best the college has ever seen, tying the first time the survey was administered in 2016-17.

Students are busy and have a lot of competing demands for their time. Choosing to respond to this survey allows the college to measure whether students are having the experience Beloit College expects them to have. High response rates allows the results to be broken down for specific demographic groups, like international students or student-athletes. Offices on campus who serve particular populations of students can use this survey data to evaluate their programming and adjust their services going forward.

“I would like to thank students who responded, and also faculty and staff who talked to students about why this survey matters. I have always believed that students do things that are important to the people who are important to them, so hearing from their mentors really makes a difference,” says Ellenor Anderbyrne, the 20 Questions Survey administrator.

The results are available on the college website, and the Office of Institutional Research and Planning has been sharing results with specific audiences. Interested in seeing results with your team? Contact Ellie Anderbyrne to set up a time! 

March 22, 2024


Ellenor Anderbyrne

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