Bridging passions to sports management

Cameron Alonso’22, a student with a double major in Business Economics and Sociology, has taken quite the journey from his initial aspirations in mechanical engineering to finding his passion in sports management. Originally from Houston, Texas, Cameron initially intended to pursue a path in engineering or medicine at Beloit, driven by the expectations of his family.

Cameron Alonso'22 However, everything changed when Cameron discovered economics in Professor Laura Grube’s introductory course. He found the subject intellectually stimulating in a way that engineering never was for him. This revelation led him to realize that engineering and medicine weren’t where his heart truly lay, despite familial expectations. Cameron made the brave decision to pivot his career path and pursue a double major in business economics and sociology.

Cameron’s journey wasn’t just about academic exploration; it was also a tale of deep personal growth and community involvement. As a McNair Scholar, Cameron delved into research focused on understanding the barriers faced by Latinx youth in accessing soccer programs.

Guided by Professor Diep Phan, Cameron’s research illuminated the socioeconomic, cultural, and legal hurdles that hindered youth participation in the sport he loved. Sharing his experience as a McNair Scholar, Cameron reflected,

“Researching the barriers faced by Latinx youth in soccer was eye-opening. It made me realize the systemic challenges that exist and fueled my determination to make a difference.”

Cameron with his colleagues Cameron with his colleagues

Outside of academics, Cameron immersed himself in various campus activities, becoming the President of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity and participating in intramural sports. These experiences sharpened his interpersonal and organizational skills.

As Cameron delved deeper into his passion for sports, he realized that his interest extended beyond playing the game to understanding the dynamics of sports management and community engagement. His research and experiences inspired him to pursue a career in Sports Management.

With the support of SEL (Student Excellence & Leadership) and mentor Daryl Saladar, he navigated through real-world challenges with determination. Today, Cameron is pursuing his master’s degree in Sports Management at the University of Houston while actively working in the field.

Balancing his busy schedule, he shows strong perseverance and dedication; Cameron plans to further his career in sports management by leveraging his education and experiences to make a positive impact. He aims to address challenges and create opportunities for underrepresented communities in the sports industry, contributing to greater inclusivity and accessibility.

Reflecting on his journey, Cameron emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying open to new opportunities. His story is an inspiration to others, showcasing the transformative power of following the passion and embracing the journey. We wish Cameron the best of luck on his journey and future achievements.

By: Farrukh Tojiev'27
March 18, 2024

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