Beloit College offers a plan to help Cardinal Stritch students finish their degrees

Beloit College is providing a free, streamlined application process to Cardinal Stritch students.

Beloit College is helping Cardinal Stritch students find a home and complete their college degrees after the Milwaukee institution announced it will close after the spring semester.

Admitted students will have their out-of-pocket tuition matched and stay on track to graduate on time with transferred credit.

Leslie Davidson, vice president for enrollment management. Leslie Davidson, vice president for enrollment management.Beloit College will connect with students at Cardinal Stritch’s general transfer fair on Friday, April 21, at the Kliebhan Conference Center.

Through a Beloit College preferred transfer option, domestic and international Cardinal Stritch students can be ready to start classes this fall with a free, streamlined application process, says Leslie Davidson, Vice President for Enrollment.

“Our hearts go out to Cardinal Stritch students at this challenging time. We hope to make the path to finishing a degree easier for some of them,” Davidson says.

Beloit College shares Cardinal Stritch’s mission of transforming lives and communities through the practical application of the liberal arts. Both institutions empower graduates to lead fulfilling lives marked by public contribution in a diverse society.

“At Beloit, we can offer these students a challenging academic environment, and career-readiness opportunities,” Davidson says. “Our campus is filled with students who believe in the strength of an inclusive community, engage with the world around them, and actively work to build a bright future — for themselves, their communities, and the world. We think these characteristics will resonate with Cardinal Stritch students.”

At Beloit, Cardinal Stritch students can find a small private liberal arts college, just a little over an hour’s drive away, that aligns with curriculums in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, English (creative writing and literary studies), history, mathematics, political science, psychology, sociology, studio art, theater, and more.

Two admissions counselors, one of whom is a former Cardinal Stritch advisor, will guide students in planning a future at Beloit College. Cardinal Stritch students can learn more here.



April 19, 2023

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